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The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids' Journal
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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
8:10 am
Hello all

I've been a Wiccan for ten years, basically with Celtic leanings -- after a near-death experience a couple months ago, I got the message from the Ether that I needed to learn more structure, to evolve beyond just the randomness that was my Craft (oh, don't get me wrong: I celebrated all eight holidays and generally did ritual every full moon...)

...so I've done some soul-searching. The first part of my search ended me up with Celtic Reconstructionalism, because that's very nice and cerebral, a good start. Since Brigit has always been my favorite goddess -- I'm drawn to her -- I joined Ord Brighideach. But something's still missing from my search and I'm wondering if it lies herein.

Several years ago, a friend of mine told me flat out that I'm a druid. I write scifi and fantasy for a non-living (LOL), I love trees as a general rule, and I also love to sing and write poetry. My heritage is Celtic; hell I'm getting married in the fall in a tartan dress; I'm a member of Clan Macfarlane.

The second half of my spiritual evolution, you see, is around but I haven't found it exactly yet so I'm trying to see if this is what fits. The only message I've gotten so far is "join the circle" -- love it when the gods give me vague advice like that;)

~the little witch of worcester

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Monday, May 11th, 2009
7:44 am
Hi all!

I am so excited! I finished the Bardic Grade at Easter and got my info to sign up for Ovate on Beltane! So I've signed up and I'm just waiting for my first set of gwersu to arrive!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
3:31 pm
New to the community!
Hello all,

My earthen name is Katelyn but I'm open to revealing my spirit name of Niniane to people.  If you're on the OBOD forums, you may have seen me as Niniene with an e instead of an a, but now I've taken to appreciating the more traditional spelling of the name.

I've been a follower of pagan beliefs for about 10 years now.  I'm 25 and I reside in Southern California.  I'm thinking of joining either OBOD, AODA or both, depending on when I get around to saving up money for them.  I was guided toward druidry as it seemed to match up very well with beliefs about the universe I've always held to be true.  Aside from that, my spirit and mind are strengthened by way of psychic practices such as channeling, medium work, travel methods like remote viewing and astral projection, and just getting around to finding my own personal sense of peace with life!

I'll make this a short intro since many things to know about me can be found on my user info.  Merry meetings and blessings to you all!


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Saturday, February 28th, 2009
10:58 pm
Imbolc Stanton Drew
31st Jan or Imbolc Eve.

The public ritual will take place in the largest stone circle in Stanton Drew* village in the Chew Magna valley in Somerset***, on the outskirts of Bristol UK.  It will start at 11am west country, pagan time, which means add at least 15 mins for each, pagan & west country time.  Meet under the Old Chestnut tree. 

Wear lots of warm clothes due to it being colder in the circle than the surrounding countryside by at least 2 degrees or more.  There is no shelter from the wind other than the one tree, as it doesn't have leaves that's not saying much.  It will either pour down or be very icy and there's always a wind.  Wear sturdy boots or wellingtons, as there is cattle, sheep and rabbit droppings everywhere.  Many of our Druids have special ceremonial wellingtons (galoshes) just for this occasion.

If you can make all your bedding into a multi-layered robe it would be a good idea, duvets have not been tried yet, but someone will sooner or later.

As this is a PUBLIC ritual in a PUBLIC place, there is nothing to stop anybody from watching or joining in, and that includes stray coach parties who accidently happen upon us.  As numbers can not be judged although there always seems to be roughly 60 frozen idiots, there is no catering other than ajourning to the pub nearby.  The one and only pub in the village is called The Druids Arms.  We've asked the nice landlord to take down the grinning Druid holding a severed head on the pub sign post and he has replaced it with a white robed old man in the stone circle.  The pub is easy to spot as it's inside the smaller circle.  It has a real fire, hot food and hot drinks, and lots of good beer.

Children are welcome and will be treated like any small adults.  There are no extra facillities for small adults. We have found if they can stand on their own feet, that they delight in acting like the rest of the adults and take their tasks very seriously.  We've never had a child misbehave yet, don't let your child be the first one.  Mini Druids** are welcome to take full part in all rituals.

The invite only, non public ritual will take place on Sunday 1st of Feb at Ron's house.  Bring food and drink to share.

* Stanton Drew is Old English for Stan - Stone, Ton -town, Drew - Druid, and is named after the triple stone circle that predates Stonehenge. 

**Mini Druids sometimes called Baby Druids, are robed children who play important parts in the ritual.

*** Somerset is the land that used to be under water in the winter, and includes Glastonbury Tor and Avalon (meaning Land of the Apples, which has been farmed here since the Stone Age and still is even now)

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
8:18 am
Hawk and Willow Seedgroup (Allentown, PA) Imbolc
The Date and Time and StuffCollapse )

FAQs for Saturday's Gathering:

1) Children/Babies - Yes, but remember we don't have a lot of play
space and we have no children's toys and none of the regular
child-safe things like outlet covers etc. If you bring them, they
will need to be watched by someone. I would love for them to
participate in the ceremony. There's a part where we stare silently
into candles, so that can be short or long depending upon how well the
stillness keeps.

2) Dogs - will be gone and we'll vacuum as well as we can beforehand.

3) Food - Please let me know what you're bringing... Soon...

4) Food part 2. If you are allergic or vegetarian or vegan etc, let
us know so we can have something for you to eat.

5) If you can't be here by 4, come later. The ceremony part probably
won't start until about 5:30 and will not be terribly long. If you
come during the ceremony, just walk through the door and join the circle.

6) Beverages: Bring something you like or something to share, or let
us know what you like. We'll have some soft drinks and some beer, and
mead for the toast. (or cider for those who don't drink)

7) What to do to prepare: Think about beginnings. What do you want
to begin this year? Think about Spring and the signs of Spring that
we'll be watching for in the months to come. There will be a chance
for everyone to share their thoughts.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here on Saturday!


P.S. If you need directions, e-mail me at JingleOrTJ at aol dot com. I'm home Wednesday because of the snow, and will be home again Friday evening after 6 pm and all day Saturday.
Saturday, November 15th, 2008
8:32 pm




OR LEON REED, 206-329-6260


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Saturday, January 19th, 2008
12:37 am
Hello! I am new to this community and want to introduce myself. I hope this is allowed!

I am very slowly working on the bardic grade. I started almost a year ago, but stalled my studies as my life destabilized. I've spent some time with the Bluestem Grove in Kansas City, MO and dearly appreciate their open, honest, and friendly community! Due to the aforementioned destabilization, I'm moving back to the Twin Cities in Minnesota and hope to find a similar Grove in the area as I pick up my studies and hopefully find my balance once again.

Peace be with you. <3
/|\  Three candles which illuminate every darkness: truth, nature, knowledge.
Saturday, July 7th, 2007
1:07 pm
Wilmington Long Man in drag
The ancient site of the Wilmington Long Man  in Sussex has been turned into a
woman  by the Tv personalities Trinny and Susanna. I thought you
might like to see this demostration against it by the local Druids.


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Thursday, May 17th, 2007
3:03 pm
Hi, all. (An Introduction.)
Just wanted to say hello. I just joined this lj community, and I just began the Bardic Grade in OBOD about two months ago. I'm slowly easing into it, and things have been going really well. :) I'm excited to meet other Druids, but I have always felt a little overwhelmed by big message boards and forums and I'm more comfortable with the LiveJournal format, so I thought I'd start out here.

I am also a member of AODA (coming up on my completion of my First Degree work ::excited!!::) and I belong to a few yahoo email groups where I chat with AODA members and also the very nice folks at the Druid Wisdom Exchange.

A little about myself--I would consider myself a Christo-panentheistic neo-Druid (because I like prefixes). Basically what that means is that I acknowledge my roots in my childhood Catholicism (from my father's Irish Catholic side of the family) even though I no longer consider myself a member of the Church. I see the ideas of the "Word" and the Trinity as very similar to concepts of "Awen" and the importance of various trinities, triads and triplets in Druidry. I am panentheistic (no patron deities from Celtic mythology... for now), and I am kind of fond of the fuddy-duddy weirdos in the Druid Revival who got the ball rolling again a few centuries ago (I'm not much bothered that I am not a strict polytheist or Celtic reconstructionist, in other words).

About me personally: I'm living in Pittsburgh, working as a waitress and writing lots of poetry and essays and things, most of which earn me very little to no money (hence the waitressing). I'd like to eventually have a career as a poet, publishing books and running workshops where I can talk about and teach creative writing as a spiritual practice. I'd also like a family of my own, a nice little house with a library/study, a garden, some chickens and maybe a goat or a dog, definitely a cat or two, and lots of trees and rolling hills and maybe the ocean nearby. Currently, I'm single, living in a tiny apartment with no pets and a few scraggly houseplants, in the middle of the city, waiting tables... So... I've got my work cut out for me. ;)


O, P.S. My lj is more of a personal and random journal. I also have a Druidry blog that I write in more formally: Meadowsweet & Myrrh. I'd really love it if you stopped by and checked it out! :)
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
11:01 pm
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
9:24 pm
Jack in the Green

Later today I watched the Jack in the Green parade up the road, to the merry beating of sticks and drums. I didn't follow them to the common to see his demise, but it was good fun. One of the green clad & painted followers, a tiny woman with flaming red hair, with a folige green crown, called out to me. We're old friends. And this time I looked at the faces underneath the green paint a little harder, and saw many faces I saw at the Morris dancing at May Morn at 4am on Tuesday.  

The Jack in the Green goes back to the apprentises celebrating their May Day which was a workers day off all around Europe, it's died out now much as the apprentises have.  It's believed that the tradition dates back so far that writen history hasn't recorded it.  As scholars weren't that bothered about everyday things that common people did.  I don't know.  I do know that it dates at least to the 18th century.

What happens?  Well a 9ft conical wicker frame The Jack, concealed by green foliage is taken in turns to be carried by a nice strong man, on a 4 miles walk through the city centre, around many streets up and down hills and finally coming to rest on Horfield Common in the north of Bristol, stopping off at many pubs on the way.  The Jack is accompanied by people dressed in green and foliage with painted green faces, who play drums flutes and bang sticks in rythmn.  They bless the city with new growth for the summer and bless passers by painting their noses green.  Then the Jack is killed.  Once it arrives at the common, the children following him, trip him up and roll him to the ground.  While Jack is helpless the little so and so's dive on top of him and grab as much green foliage as they can until he's striped bare.  And then he's dead! And we all cheer!

 They stopped outside the Golden Lion for a short rest and a sup, but they had run out of the green paint they paint the noses of passers by with. A pity as I was looking forward to getting mine done. Tis lucky you see! lol But one of the stick beaters gave me a blessing for the summer, which must be as good.

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
1:53 pm
Hello all !

Just thought I'd join this Merry group, I post on the OBOD general board as Ra3vyn :)

Cariadwen, it sounded like you had a brilliant time seeing the Morris Dancers! Love the description of Carpet Beating on Brandon Hill and the Penaties. Had me rotfl :D

Anyway, Well met everyone, I'm enjoying oboddruidry. :)

Blessings from the Trees,

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
12:53 pm
A Merry May Day to all

A Merry May Day to all.

Beltaine Blessings!

Utterly utterly bonkers!

YEY! I made it! I got up at 3.30am to walk around to the street where
I was getting my lift. I love walking at the early hours of the
morning, just not been able to, as living in a city, it's not terribly
sensible, not on my own that is. Anyways, in a car full of Scots I got
there at 4am. We were the first there. There was no one camping out as
there used to be when I first arrived 13 years ago, no one breaking the
ancient carpet beating* law either. But gradually people started
arriving, and the first troop of Morris Dancers began their stick
dance. All the troops were rag Morris and not the Victorian white clad
type. Then each dance troop did a speciality dance of their own. Until
they had all taken their turn. The children's troop was given a space
near the adults but not to close, as the banging of sticks and jumping
adults was too risky for them.

There was men with chickens tied to their hats (not real), men
disguised as trees, men, women and children dressed in colourful rags.
One even in a floresant rag coat. I was pleased to see that at least
half the Morrisers were female. One said to me, there was always
female dancers but not so well known called Mollies.

One Scot (male) was heard muttering, "It's all too English!". Which is
a bit like going to the Highland Games and complaining that it was all
too Scottish! But inspite of that, I know he was enjoying himself as
he was banging his walking stick in time to the music.

I was given apple cakes for free and hot drinks, no one was trying to
make money off tourists or anything, it was a genuine English

In short I had a wonderful time! If there are any dancers here reading this, I say;

Well done and keep it up!

* apparently ancient witches in Bristol used to conjure storms by taking carpets up on to Brandon Hill and beating them. The penalty of being caught beating a carpet on the hill is still hanging! So in the rescent past groups of people have taken to banging carpets in defiance of this daft law.

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007
10:33 pm
Beltaine Beginings
I've had a lovely two days celebrating Betaine and it's not even close to finished yet. 

Saturday I went to the Druid ritual at Stanton Drew's stone circle.  This was conducted by OBOD's Dobunni Tribe's grove, with Ron Hutton and Ana conducting it.  Like most Betaine celebrations it was a joyous occassion full of fun and laughter.  There were about 40 or more there.  And when it came to choose the May King & Queen the fun really began.  The women seperated from the men and took pieces of ribbon from Ana's whirling body.  The men stood in a circle with their eyes shut and their backs to us, while we tied a ribbon on them somewhere (it could be anywhere the women liked! lol).  I wanted to tie a ribbon to a few men, but sadly as we could only take one ribbon at the time was only able to do one.  I chose a former lover and excellent friend.  Only to find that someone had already tied a ribbon to his belt.  While I was tying the ribbon a female friend of mine also tied one on him.  We were very sneeky and tried our best not to let him know there were two of us behind him.  When all the ribbons were given out the men were told to tie any ribbons they got together and show the Druidess in charge the length.  There was much ribald comments from her at the length of their ribbons, and the choice came down to three.  Both my male friends had three, the larger older guy who played the farmer and spoke for the Earth got four, so he was the winner.

The May Queen was chosen in a much simpler way by blindfolding the King and giving him a bunch of flowers the other guys spun him round and he was then free to choose his lady.  The lady he chose was in an elegant green gown and ducked saying "Oh No!"  But her cry was a clue as to where she was and he gave her the flowers and the modest lady was finally chosen.  At the end of the ceromony they both blessed each person and we all passed through a hoop into true summer.

Today Sunday, I had my own ritual and Pagan Picnic to organise.  I had so many tell me that they couldn't manage to come because they were doing something else with someone else, that I thought it might turn out to be only me and the other organiser Mark.  At best we thought we might have 5 or 6.  We met up near the playground at Blaise Castle, an impressive folly and museum in wonderfully large grounds.  Our number was about 15 or more.  We chose a secluded piece of the grounds very near the tree line of the woods there.  And we the cast of the circle in the Druid way due to Mark and me being of that persausion.  We seperated the women and men and asked them to go off and choose the King and Queen among them.  We women decided to choose on the plucking of a daisy the last one holding the flower without petals being the winner.  Tiny little Myr, about 4'6, slim and lovely was the Queen, we women decorated her with the wild flowers on hand and off we went back into the circle.  We asked the men if they had choosen their King and they said "Well yes, ages ago, what kept you!"  They had had the same idea and had chosen him by deflowering a dandilion.  The guy they chose was a first timer to the group a large older man called Ivor.  I think we will be seeing him coming back again, or at least I hope so as he was an extremely nice man.

Anyway the picnic afterwards was nice, under the shade of the trees.  There was three young children, who played with each other, and play fighted with the King.  During the picnic we had a young student from Newport Gwent uni, who was taking photos of people of every religion, he had seen us advertise what we were doing on the 'net' and had been looking all over the large ground for us.  It was only when he saw the circle and flower bedecked people in the distance did he know where we were.  We let him take as many photos as he liked as he was polite and checked with each person if it was ok.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and judging by the looks and smiles so did everybody else!

On Beltaine Day I plan to be up early on Brandon Hill to watch the many troops of Morris Dancers greet the dawn by dancing it in.  That will be at 4.30 am, one of my friends children is going to be there dancing her bit, so it will be the first time I've even managed to get up in time.  I'll tell you all about it when its done.
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
9:25 am
Just writing to say hi! I am a bit late in posting because when I joined this group, I had company, so I wasn't spending a whole lot of time online.

I'm in the Bardic Grade with OBOD on Gwers 21, but I've recently backtracked back to Gwers 17 to complete the meditation practicum. Couldn't do it at the time.

Given we had company for Alban Eilir, my husband and I didn't end up doing anything for it, but the Sunday previously, we did take our company up to a stone circle nearby called Long Meg and Her Daughters, which was nice. I think I'm going to wait (now that they're gone) and do the ritual for it on Easter Sunday. Should be okay, I think.

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Sunday, March 18th, 2007
6:30 pm
strange people in white dresses

Living here in Bristol Uk is great, we are the largest city nearest Stonehenge and Avebury,  and we have a 5,000 yr sacred stone circle Stanton Drew in a village just outside the city's limits where Druids frolick!  Older than Stonehenge!  There are many other sacred sites about here and the west of England is littered with them, many are simply 'tumps' (from the Welsh twmpath) overgrown with trees and no ones has bothered investigating them yet.  And we are only 20 miles from the Welsh border where anybody who is self-taught in herbs, poetry, animal husbandry, Welsh culture and is considered knowledgeable , is given the title of druid.  Not that these people say they are druids but that their neighbours give them the title behind their backs as a mark of respect.  

Now this is my opinion only.

Then again there are Druids who run the National Eisteddfodau in Wales, who've been doing this since ol' Iolo's day. (Iolo Morganwg or Edward Williams.)  These are people of the highest regard, where being given the title of Druid here in Wales is regarded as much like being Knighted in England.  They struggle to keep Welsh culture alive and so too the Welsh language.  Then there are the 'magical' Druids who investigate all of that the other Druids and magic, shamanism and philosophy as well.  In Wales these Druids aren't seen as particularly pagan because it's seen as a philosophy not a religion. And this is the way of it in Britian as a whole.  This means we have no problem with the idea of Christian Druids, Moslem Druids, Buddhist or Pagan Druids.  What unites us is a high regard for the truth, our culture, our ancestors and a belief in the sacredness of the earth.

The idea of Druidsm was a pagan religion only, didn't manifest until the 70's in America, when Isaac Bonewits was trying to get out of complusory church services in his university.  He claimed he wasn't Christian and therefore didn't have to attend.  "So what are you?" they said and he said "I'm a Druid."  They were non-plused but then he had to hold classes in the religion of Druidism!  He started off with high ideals, believing that in the Old Country that Druidism was nothing but a gentleman's club for weirdo's who want to dress up in white dresses, he thought he would do better than that.  He required for his first Druids a high standard of education, I would say mega high.  He required them to be the priest class of the pagan community and a religion was born.  

Meanwhile other things were developing back in the Old Country.  to be continued

Saturday, March 17th, 2007
12:11 am
New to the forum
Hello I'm new to the forum of LJ, still getting the hang off it.  I'm a Welsh grandmother and I'm currently living in Bristol UK, after living all my life in Wales and joined OBOD when I reached 50 nearly 7 years ago.  I've been a undefined pagan all my life and a witch for most of it.  Bristol has a lively and large OBOD community and a very large and lively pagan community.  In fact its so pagan friendly that Bristol City Council displays a eigth spoked wheel to represent us, along with all the other religious symbols.  Some of the best people I have ever met are Druids of one sort or another, an excellent advert for paganism. 

I've had the pleasure of being a 'best woman' for the first same sex handfasting at Stonehenge in recent times (Beltiane 1998) by Bobcat (Emma Restell-Orr) and Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf).  Been to many of their BDO rituals at Avebury Wiltshire and joined theOBOD, Dobunni Tribe/Grove here in Bristol.  
I'm having a ball! lol  
It'd be nice to talk with you, looking forward to it!
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
8:36 pm
Druids in Allentown
My name is Jill, though most online people know me as Jingle. My husband, daughter and I are members of OBOD and are in various stages of the bardic grade. I think this will be a great discussion group.

We are looking for other druids in the Allentown area or anyone that wants to travel to Allentown to join our seedgroup which will have it's first organizational meeting on March 21st at 7pm, followed by our Alban Eiler ritual. The agenda will be to decide on a name for the group and look at schedules.

We hope to gather for rituals of the 8 festivals and meditations on the full and dark moons. In the full moon meditation we meditate for peace, as requested by OBOD, whereas the dark moon meditation is one of personal renewal. Additionally, we would like to have a monthly study group, and weekend hikes and ecological projects such as park clean-ups and earth-day projects.

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at JingleOrTJ at aol dot com
Thursday, March 8th, 2007
6:53 pm
An Introduction...
Hi All,

I thought I should stop by and introduce myself...

My name is Sarah and I am 23... I live in England and I'm a Pagan Witch...

I have been a Pagan for roughly 10/11 years... Though I am unsure of what to class myself... My own belief system draws on different sources from many cultures and paths... Though I believe that modern day Pagan's put too much emphasis on title and boxes in which to place ourselves... Limiting our spiritual growth...

I have always been drawn to Druidry... Among other things...

Druidry is the natural, native spirituality of 'the islands of the Painted People' (from which the word 'Britian' has been derived), and as a Brit I have always felt the call of my ancestors and nature... This happened long before I had even researched Paganism or questioned the faith of my parents and what they had brought me up into...

I am here to learn more... Also to ask questions and to meet likeminded people...
5:37 am
I am here because I saw this new community on naedys page. I have been a Pagan since my early twenties (damn, that's twenty years now). Primarily I was with the Church of All Worlds. In my travels I got to talk to Issac Bonewits on a couple of occasions and asked him what the difference between CAW and aDF. He was never really responded. I had a bad interpersonal reaction when I tried to participate in the local Druids here in town. My personal pantheon the last several years has been Hellenic/Greek, but I fee that connection slipping. I have much intellectual knowledge about the Druids, et.al. but non too well practical experience. I have never wanted to shut out this potential course, so I am here to listen, to ask questions and to see what there is to see.

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